Gold rush treasure hunt

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Gold rush treasure hunt
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Gold rush treasure hunt plays in the classic match 3 game style if you only need to move at least 3 items of jewelry of the same type into a row or column so that they disappear on the screen.

Welcome to the most engaging game today with the game Gold rush treasure hunt

With every step you move, the treasure hunt games more you lose, the more points you earn. So combine the items that make up the real power combo. We will move the same color diamonds together, when three diamonds of the same color, shape on the same row, a column together they will disappear on the screen. Each time the move has more diamonds disappear score will be higher. Especially try to get 3 stars to game gold rush earn the absolute bonus. During the gameplay, there gold rush Alaska will be various supports to help you when in trouble, consider carefully to use when really needed. The number of moves per game is limited, so each move should be calculated carefully before going. After each level of play there will be many items opened, so try to get the best.

If the score is high, we the game gold rush will have a chance to get 3 stars, so the gold rush treasure hunt bonus points will increase a lot. You will then be unlocked 1 new place in the castle. Game Jewels Temple Saga is an intellectual arena with fast-paced hypnosis with a combination of strategy and speed. In the process of free game gold rush playing you will receive the power-up power to help the task be made easier. However, the help tool is very limited or limited to a certain level on each level, so only death use it when needed. We will quickly solve puzzles and gradually conquer the huge treasure in the castle. Download the game Jewels Temple Saga to start the journey of collecting this beautiful jewelry.

Highlights in the game Gold rush treasure hunt: 

  • Each time you make 3 diamonds of the same color, you will accumulate energy in the bomb and destroy the obstacles in the level.
  • Put 4 diamonds of the same color to form bombs and a lightning bolt.
  • Put 5 diamonds of the same color to form a color diamond and 2 lightning bolts.
  • Unlock special item.
  • Bom will destroy the facts gold rush free online diamonds around.
  • Timing will lengthen the playing time of each table.
  • A lightning bolt will remove a row or column.
  • Game owned beautiful graphics, sound or.
  • Easy to play, addictive game.
  • Utilize traps, auxiliary to the table difficult.

How to play Gold rush treasure hunt:

  • See if the diamonds have the same color.
  • Then select the same color.
  • At least three members of the same color.
  • Make straight lines.
  • Extensive play variety.
  • Extremely easy logic to score high.

Here are some photos of a Gold rush treasure hunt:

California gold rush

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Gold rush

California gold rush

Gold rush treasure hunt this gives you a very pleasant experience, especially for a relaxing entertainment and to entertain your mood. New Promising Things in the Game. Have fun playing the game!

Gold rush treasure hunt
5 (100%) 1 vote

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